The Early Modern Commons

State Papers 71

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Import Your Medium Posts to

2 March 2017

With the recent news about Medium’s change in business model we’ve been receiving a number of requests from users on how to import their content to a site....

Share It Again: New Social Media Features for Premium and Business Users

21 February 2017

Sharing your posts on social media is a great way to ensure your site or blog gets traffic. Our Publicize feature makes it easy to automatically share your new posts on Facebook, Twitter,...

Some Words

12 January 2017

I thought I would write something, off the cuff, so to speak. No plan, just allow words to come out and be placed on the page. I have no one to please, no one looking over my shoulder....

An “illegal” war: the causes of the Anglo-Algiers War, 1677-168

3 November 2016

Below is the twenty minute paper I gave at the British Commission for Maritime History in April this year. Since giving this paper I have read Sir John Narbrough’s journal...