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Getting the Boot: The Magic of Shoes Workshop with Northampton Museum

2 October 2017

‘I started work at Northampton Museum in the 1950s, and it was about 1957, in conversation with John Thornton, then head of the Boot and Shoe Department, Northampton College of...

Intrigue and Incantation: Treasonous Magic in Medieval and Early Modern England

21 August 2017

Between the 1320s and the 1620s a significant proportion of all accusations of high treason in England involved a magical element. People were accused of casting the horoscope of the...

Workshop Report: Approaching Inner Lives: Thinking, Feeling, Believing, 1300-19

15 August 2017

It is now a commonplace for every discussion of the history of the emotions to start with reference to an ‘affective turn’, but the overcoming of historians by emotion of...

Creature Discomforts: Familiar Spirits in Early Modern English Witchcraft Pamphlets

18 July 2017

In 1566 a sensational pamphlet was published in London that described the crimes of three women accused of witchcraft in Chelmsford, Essex. Elizabeth Francis, Mother Agnes Waterhouse,...