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Creature Discomforts: Familiar Spirits in Early Modern English Witchcraft Pamphlets

18 July 2017

In 1566 a sensational pamphlet was published in London that described the crimes of three women accused of witchcraft in Chelmsford, Essex. Elizabeth Francis, Mother Agnes Waterhouse,...

Melancholy Witches, Love Magic, and a Sinister Island: Inner Lives at #isch17

6 July 2017

The project was on the road again last week for the tenth conference of the International Society for Cultural History (26–29 June 2017). The event took as its topic ‘Senses,...

‘Something Terrible at the Churchyard Gates’: The Strange Story of Mother Girling

21 June 2017

A man hides under a bed, terrified. He has escaped, but is not yet safe. When asked from what exactly he is hiding, he cries out: ‘Mother is looking to […]

Requiem for a Bad Dream: The Nightmare as a Way in to Inner Lives

30 May 2017

In 1781, Henry Fuseli painted his now-famous depiction of The Nightmare. The painting (above) depicts a woman lying on her back in bed. She appears asleep or in a deep […]