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Acid Attacks in Nineteenth-Century Britain

13 September 2017

By Cassie Watson; posted 13 September 2017. The recent spate of acid attacks in London has led to renewed political and media attention on an especially horrific form of assault designed...

From Game of Thrones to Steven Pinker: Just how Lawless were the Middle Ages?

15 August 2017

Posted by Sara M. Butler, 15 August 2017.  Game of Thrones (GoT) season is here again, and along with it comes the perpetuation of an image of the Middle Ages as a lawless society...

Early Modern Coroners’ Inquests into Deaths in Custody

9 July 2017

Posted by Krista Kesselring, 9 July 2017. Deaths in gaol have long required investigation by coroners. In Canada, one provincial jurisdiction recently sought to end this practice to...

Mysterious Death: What Price the Medical Jurist?

11 June 2017

By Cassie Watson; posted 11 June 2017. On the afternoon of Friday 27 September 1895 news broke of the discovery of the body of a young woman lying dead on a bed at 10 Denmark Street,...