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Pox and prejudice?

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An unexpectedly fashionable career

11 June 2017

If asked today to list fashionable careers, it is highly unlikely that any of us would include ‘syphilis specialist’ in our list. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries...

Medical Fascinations, Human Lives: Hunter’s Syphilis Specimens

12 March 2017

Should you visit The Hunterian Museum you can come face to face with victims of the great pox (syphilis). As you enter the main museum from the staircase, to the left hand side,...

‘Hypochondriacal People’: Lives Haunted by the Pox

15 August 2016

These dreadful Apprehensions have frequently possesst the Imaginations of some People that had taken the way to get the Pox, so, as to be soon perswaded they have it, whether it be...

A (Very) Brief History of the Pox

21 July 2016

In 1495 Europeans began to remark on the appearance of a new ‘terrifying, troublesome, and painful sickness’. Those afflicted suffered from aching bodies covered with ulcerations,...