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Guest Post: ‘The Sea Voyage’: On Directing a Read Not Dead Staged Reading

During the month of June, ASC Education is featuring the shows of our 2015-2016 Artistic Year in a series of guest posts! The Sea Voyage appeared in the ASC’s 2016 Actors’ Renaissance Season. James Chalmers is .  The Sea Voyage: On Directing...
From: ASC Education on 5 Jun 2016

Shakespeare’s England: A Land of Lords — Preview #4

Before I begin today’s itinerant interlude, a note: We do still have a few slots open, so if you’re enticed by what you’ve been reading on the blog, register now to join us in England in July! Cambridge University is the second-oldest...
From: ASC Education on 1 Apr 2016

Podcast Archive: 2015

2015 Actors’ Renaissance Season Dr Ralph Presents: The Rover Actor Scholar Council: The Rover Dr Ralph Presents: Every Man in His Humour Actor-Scholar Council: Every Man in His Humour Dr Ralph Presents: The White Devil Actor Scholar Council: The...
From: ASC Education on 24 Jun 2015

Podcast Archive: 2014

2014 Actors’ Renaissance Season Actor-Scholar Council: As You Like It Dr. Ralph Presents: Timon of Athens Dr. Ralph Presents: Epicene Actor-Scholar Council: Epicene Dr. Ralph Presents: A Maid's Tragedy Actor-Scholar Council: A Maid's Tragedy 2014...
From: ASC Education on 26 Feb 2015

MFA Thesis Festival 2015

Sarah E. Blackwell: “‘Corrupter of Words': A Rhetorical Cut of Twelfth Night“ Blackwell opens with an introduction to the concept of cutting texts for performance, noting that most directors will attempt to preserve iambic pentameter...
From: ASC Education on 22 Feb 2015

Summer/Fall 2014 Playhouse Insider: On Sale Now!

The seventh issue of the Playhouse Insider is now available at the Blackfriars Playhouse Box Office. Here’s a sneak peek at the articles within, exploring the shows of the 2014 Summer and Fall Seasons: What is it that most defines Cyrano de Bergerac?...
From: ASC Education on 9 Sep 2014

Podcast Archives: 2012

2012 Actors’ Renaissance Season Dr. Ralph Presents: Much Ado about Nothing Actor-Scholar Council: Much Ado about Nothing Dr. Ralph Presents: Richard III Actor-Scholar Council - Richard III Dr. Ralph Presents: A Mad World, My Masters Dr. Ralph Presents:...
From: ASC Education on 27 Jun 2014

Podcast Archives: 2011

2011 Actors’ Renaissance Season Doctor Ralph Presents: THE COMEDY OF ERRORS Blackfriars Backstage Pass: Actor Scholar Council on THE COMEDY OF ERRORS Doctor Ralph Presents: THE MALCONTENT Doctor Ralph Presents: HENRY VI, PART III Blackfriars Backstage...
From: ASC Education on 27 Jun 2014

Podcast Archives: 2010

2010 Actors’ Renaissance Season Blackfriars Backstage Pass: 2010 Actor's Renaissance Season Doctor Ralph Presents: TWELFTH NIGHT Blackfriars Backstage Pass: TWELFTH NIGHT Doctor Ralph Presents: DOCTOR FAUSTUS Blackfriars Backstage Pass: DOCTOR...
From: ASC Education on 27 Jun 2014

Podcast Archives: 2009

2009 Actors’ Renaissance Season Doctor Ralph Reveals All: THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY Blackfriars Backstage Pass: THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY Doctor Ralph Reveals All: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Blackfriars Backstage Pass: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Doctor...
From: ASC Education on 27 Jun 2014

Podcast Archives: 2008

2008 Actors’ Renaissance Season Doctor Ralph Reveals All: VOLPONE bsp_volpone08 Blackfriars Backstage Pass: MACBETH Doctor Ralph Reveals All: THE JEW OF MALTA Blackfriars Backstage Pass: THE JEW OF MALTA Doctor Ralph Reveals All: CYMBELINE Blackfriars...
From: ASC Education on 27 Jun 2014

Podcast Archives: 2007

2007 Actors’ Renaissance Season Dr. Ralph Reveals All: THE DUCHESS OF MALFI Blackfriars Backstage Pass: THE DUCHESS OF MALFI Blackfriars Backstage Pass: First Quarto HAMLET Blackfriars Backstage Pass: PERICLES Blackfriars Backstage Pass: THE...
From: ASC Education on 27 Jun 2014

Comedy and Tragedy in Early Modern Drama

This evening, I’ll be conducting the Inside Plays lecture for The  Maid’s Tragedy, and I’ve decided to use it as an opportunity to discuss one of my favorite pet concepts: definitions of comedy and tragedy. This all stems from a class...
From: ASC Education on 27 Mar 2014

‘Fair Em’: A Lost and Found Story

From the desk of Kim Newton Every now and then, someone will ask me, “So, what do you do when you’re not at camp?”  As the ASC’s Director of College Prep Programs, I spend much of my summer at the helm of the ASC Theatre Camp, an intensive college-preparatory...
From: ASC Education on 20 Mar 2014

MFA Thesis Festival 2014

Session 1 Riley Steiner: To Find the Mind’s Construction: Masks in Macbeth: Steiner discusses masks in performance as “not a concealing device, but rather a revealing one.” Masks, she suggests, can be particularly useful to draw the...
From: ASC Education on 23 Feb 2014

The Rabbit Hole of Textual Oddities

This story started innocently enough. One of my current projects is to complete a full metrical and rhetorical analysis of Romeo and Juliet (as I did for Julius Caesar last year), but in order to begin that, I first have to complete a full check...

ASC Education in 2013

As we wrap up another great year at the American Shakespeare Center, we're gearing up to offer even bigger and better programming in 2013 (and beyond). Here's a sneak peek at what we'll be bringing you over the next twelve months:The No Kidding Shakespeare...

Adventures in Dramaturgy: Patterns in History

Having completed this year's Study Guides, I am now neck-deep in dramaturgical work -- and happy as the proverbial clam about it. Dramaturgy is particularly important when the play is itself a historical one, not only for the context of the history depicted,...

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