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on the Science and Scientists of The Netherlands' Golden Age

Adrian Thysse

Calendars and chronology in the intellectual culture of Central Europe, 1400-1700

Michal Choptiany

alchemy, folklore & nature

Sienna Latham

The Life And Times of 17th Century Glassmaker Antonio Neri

Paul Engle

Reconstructing and Reproducing Isaac Newton's working methods

Cornelis J Schilt

Exploring the Practical-speculative divide in early modern thought

Project blog

blog for the Navigating 18th Century Science and Technology project

Project blog

Historical mathematical materials

Mathematical Association of America

The musings of a writer with one foot in the age of Shakespeare and the other in the age of "Jersey Shore"

Jennifer Roberts

Occasional notes on chymistry, theosophy and religious dissent in the early-modern period

Mike A. Zuber

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