The Early Modern Commons

The Tags

Blogs listed in EMC are tagged by fields or topics. These are indicative of the main interests of the blog but not comprehensive. (See also the latest additions.)



art 23 blogs visual arts, artists and architecture opml
c18th 97 blogs the long 18th century opml
crime 18 blogs crime, justice and punishment opml
culture 61 blogs ideas and discourses opml
death 1 blogs death and capital punishment opml
digital 60 blogs digital history/humanities opml
drama 25 blogs the theatre, playwrights and actors opml
economy 17 blogs economics and economic history opml
fun 2 blogs light relief, humour and jests opml
gender 50 blogs women, gender and sexualities opml
material 45 blogs material culture and consumption opml
medicine 25 blogs medicine, health and ill-health opml
military 15 blogs military history and wars opml
music 6 blogs music and musicians opml
new_worlds 23 blogs colonies, discoveries and encounters opml
philosophy 21 blogs philosophy and history of philosophy opml
place 7 blogs places, spaces, environment, geography opml
poetry 8 blogs poetry and poets (other than Shakespeare) opml
politics 42 blogs politics and government opml
practice 29 blogs performance, re-enactment, reconstruction opml
print 62 blogs print culture and history of the book opml
religion 36 blogs religion and theology opml
resource 51 blogs news, events, etc (general category) opml
revolution 14 blogs revolutions opml
science 28 blogs science and the Scientific Revolution opml
shakespeare 24 blogs William Shakespeare opml
social 46 blogs social history opml
sources 21 blogs primary sources opml
tudors 13 blogs the Tudors opml